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The idea of having a La Sallian Sports Award was first conceived by a bunch of ex-Josephians and Patricians belonging to the La Sallian Essex Soccer Club. The club comprises of veterans, mostly fathers having kids in La Salle primary schools, including some who were ex-national sportsmen, believing passionately in keeping the spirit of the La Sallian tradition of nurturing excellence in sports.

With the encouragement of the SJIOBA on the 17th of May ’03, the La Sallian Sports award was launched. The objective of the award is to recognize outstanding sports boys for their achievement and contribution to the De La Salle Christian Brothers Schools in Singapore. Applications for the award is targeted at all graduating primary six pupils for academic year 2003 from the four La Salle Christian primary schools.

A maximum of eight sports awards, each worth $400, will be presented to successful applicants who must continue their secondary education in either Saint Pat’s or Saint Joseph’s.

The value of the award is just a small token of the appreciation. The recognition associated with the award is in line with the La Sallian spirit of nurturing all-round excellence in sports and contribution to the society at large.

The award is coming into its 9th year since we started in 2004, Several boys(some sons of our fellow Essex kakis) have benefited from our magnanimous contributions and adhering to the to the LaSallian traditional spirit of 'unconditional service to the community'. Annually we continue to reward($400 and a cert) kids with good sporting abilities coupled with strong academic connections to our LaSallian secondary schools.

I am glad to announce that for this year 2013, 3 boys from 3 different feeder primary schools(SJI Junior, St Anthony's and St Stephen's) have been chosen to receive our humble awards.

Awards Committee Members
1. P Ramakrishna (SPS 1971-74, CJC 1975-76)
2. Patrick Low (SJI 1968-73)
3. Michael Chee (SMS 1965-70, SJI 1971-74, CJC 1975-76)
4. Dr Kong Chee Seng (St Michael's Institution, Ipoh 1967-78)
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La Sallian Sports Award 2015 Recipients

1. Edward Loh (SJI, Tennis)

2. Ryan Geevaraj (SJI, Track & Field)

Edward Low (Tennis)

Ryan Geevaraj (Track & Field)
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The past winners of the La Sallian Sports Award.

Year 2014
1. Qiu Zi Hao (SJI) - Bowling
2. Gerard Wirawan (SJI) - Track & Field
3. Edwin Radha (SPS) - Track & Field

Year 2013
1. Oh Ethan Bernard (SJI) - Rugby
2. Ray Yeo (SJI) - Tae-Kwan-Do
3. Aqeel Bin Sidek (SPS) - Athletics

Year 2012
1. Ip Pierre Gregory (SJI) - Badminton
2. Png Chen Zhi Neville (SJI) - Rugby
3. Shamus Poh (SJI) - Athletics

Year 2011
1. Nikil Naraindas Gangaram (SJI) - Bowling
2. Chan Wen Jun Thomas (SJI) - Badminton
3. Tan Yi Zhu Edward (SJI) - Sailing

Year 2010
1. Keagen Lock Hoe-in (SJI)
2. Chin Yew Chung Kennard (SJI)
3. Matthew Adit Abraham (SPS)

Year 2009
1. Brandon Khoo Han Chew (SJI) - Gymnastics
2. Andrew Tan Yi Shan (SJI) - Sailing
3. Rahul Kirti Vora (SPS) - -

Year 2008
1. Julian Chee Yong Qin (SJI) - Badminton
2. Eng Andre Jerome (SJI) - Chess
3. Faris Khan (SJI) - Athletics

Year 2007
1. Jackson Chan Wen Yao (SJI) - Badminton
2. Andrew Chua Wai Kiong (SJI) - Athletics

Year 2006
1. Luke Tan Yi Hao (SJI) - Sailing
2. John-Paul Phang Kok Keong (SJI) - Sailing
3. Clement Lim Hao Yang (SJI) - Sailing
4. Bryan Lee Jing Wen (SJI) - Athletics

Year 2005
1. Joshua Wong Rui Yen (SJI) - Athletics
2. Jared Carlo Monteiro (SJI) - Sailing
3. Lionel Myles Low (SJI) - Sailing
4. Khairulanwar (SPS) - Athletics

Year 2004
1. Yvan Tseng (SJI) - Athletics
2. Jared Ryan Rezel (SJI)- Sailing
3. Simon Saravanan - Athletics

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